Deerma Multifunctional Steam Cleaner – ZQ600

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MAIN FEATURES ● Deerma multi-function steam cleaner with 5 large cleaning brush heads, strong steam to dissolve deep dirt and remove dirt.
● Remove stains and odor at the same time 99.99% sterilization.
● The 5 brush heads can be freely combined with the multi-purpose connecting pipe and the bellows to extend the cleaning range and easily clean the high glass, curtains and slits.

● 230ml Detachable Water Tank – Easy to disassemble and add water & long-term cleaning.

● Three-section Connecting Tube – Can be long or short, adapt to different cleaning ranges.
● Safety Snap Assembly – Easily replace cleaning accessories with one click.
Product material: ABS/PC
Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz
Rated power: 1600W
Water tank capacity: 230ml
Heating time: 11 min
Power cord length: 4m
Package weight: 2.900 kg
Product size: 38.9 x 8.5 x 18.0 cm / 15.31 x 3.34 x 7.08 inches (main machine)
Red is ZQ610 White is ZQ600
PACKAGE CONTENTS 1 x Brushed scouring mop, 1 x Corrugated pipe, 1 x Brush head, 1 x Brush connector, 1 x Glass scraper, 1 x Clothing cleaning head, 1 x Mop head, 3 x Mop connecting tubes, 1 x Main machine, 1 x Mop, 1 x Aromatherapy bag, 1 x Storage bag