Deerma Wire Vacuum Cleaner DEM-DX1000

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  • powerful motor Provides a maximum rotation of 38,000RPM, suction power up to 16,000Pa.
  • With high suction power, it can effectively handle small – large dust particles.
  • Well designed air ducts Allows dust to travel to the filter faster.
  • 2 levels of suction power that can be easily adjusted to suit the job with one button
  • 3 brush heads, can be used up to 5 patterns, can be adjusted according to the nature of the job
  • Main brush head It can turn left-right up to 120°C and front-back up to 90°C.
  • The handle is angled at 130°C to save lifting effort. and can be used with one hand
  • The 3-stage filter can filter dust thoroughly. and leaves no dust left to disturb
  • The filter can be cleaned. for consistent complete filtration efficiency
  • 500ml dust bin can collect a lot of dust.
  • Plug and Play, can be used anywhere Both at home and in the car
  • Power cable up to 5 meters, can be used in the area. far away from the power plug as well.

  • Model : Deerma DEM-DX1000
  • Voltage : 220V~50Hz
  • Power : 600W
  • Suction mode: normal suction 10,000Pa / high suction 16,000Pa
  • Dust tank: 500ml
  • Working noise: 79dB
  • Power cord length: 5 meters
  • Product size: 240 x 208 x 1155 mm
  • Deerma DEM-DX1000 x 1
  • Extension tube x 1
  • Rotating dust nozzle x 1
  • Brush nozzle x 1
  • Narrow mouth nozzle x 1
  • Product manual x 1