Mijia Internet Range Hood

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TYPE Range Hood
DESCRIPTION -Automatic air rotation boost, during cooking the fumes do not pour outside.

-4200W big fire, very strong for cooking Smoke stove linkage, ignition smoke exhaust wind moves with fire 9 guaranteed safety focus.

-Comprehensive protection 53Db low noise. quiet cooking time In many kitchens that prefer stir fry, large air volume amounts have become and indicator for choosing a range hood.

-Mijia Bing a new power system that brings a powerful suction of 21m3/m, easily holds the cooking oil fume and keeps the kitchen fresh. Comes with a powerful motor with a suction power of 1010r/minute.

-9 comprehensive protectio:

1. Child lock

2. Spain ORKLI flameout protection

3. All waterproof with sealed glass

4. Umbrella type waterproof cover

5. CU selected copper valve

6. Anti-tempering design

7. Gas electric separation device

8. High grade explosion proof glass panel

9. Self-locking connection termin

SPECIFICATION _input Total Power: 263W
_Lamp Power: 3W
_Main Motor Input Power: 260W
_Air Volume: 18m3/min
_Maximun Static Pressure: 400Pa
_Air pressure: 320Pa
_Rated Voltage: 220V
_Frequency Noise: 50Hz
_Noise( Sound Level): 57dB(A)
_Odor reduction Degree: 95%
_Gas Separation Degree: 90%
_Weight: 23.8Kg
_Energy Efficienvy Rating: Level 1
_Full Voltage Efficiency: 23%
_Size: 900*507*700mm
_Hanging Board
_Hanging Board Hood
_Out of the Ecpansion tube
_Pipe Screw *4
_Air Outlet Hood Ruber Pad
_Instruction Manual
_Air Duct 180cm
_Wood Screw (STS*50)*4
_Anti-Dropping Screw(M4*8) *1