Xiaomi Full Grid Smart Sterilization Xiaomi Toothbrush Cup Holder UV Sterilizer Wall-mounted

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  • Brand: XIAOMI
  • Type: Smart Sterilization Toothbrush Cup Holder
Installation Method 
  • 1. Clean the installation part Clear dust and foreign matter and keep it clean.
  • 2. Tear off the adhesive protective film Take care to avoid foreign objects on the adhesive surface.
  • 3. Install the fixed hanging plate. The buckle is facing upwards, stick to the target position, press firmly to stick.
  • 4.24 hours later. You must wait for 24 hours to install the host, and install the host after the fixed version is glued.
  • 5. Install the toothbrush cup. Turn the toothbrush cup upside down and attach it to the protrusion at the bottom.
  • 6. Installation is complete. Hook up the toothbrush and start sterilization after turning on the machine.